November 28, 2021

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Vertigo Half Somersault Maneuver for BPPV – Ask Doctor Jo

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The Half Somersault or Foster maneuver for BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) should help with vertigo symptoms if done correctly. For other BPPV treatments and maneuvers watch this video:

The half somersault maneuver, like any other BPPV maneuver, can make you feel more dizzy or sick for a short period of time afterwards. Sometimes people do get sick and vomit, so make sure you are prepared to stay and home and relax after the treatment.

Each position should be held for about 30 seconds or until the spinning stops. Sometimes it has to be performed 3-5 times in a row, but it is recommended to wait 15 minutes in between each treatment session.

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Vertigo Half Somersault Maneuver for BPPV:

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30 thoughts on “Vertigo Half Somersault Maneuver for BPPV – Ask Doctor Jo

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  2. I've subscribed , I have Vertigo as well and did this exact maneuver with my physiotherapist yesterday. I got so dizzy and nauseous to the point I got sick. It's now the following day and I still can't get out of bed, I feel so light headed and nauseous when I turn my head to the left or to the right. When I walk it feels like I'm walking on clouds or drunk walking as people say. My physiotherapist said it's normal to feel like this for a few days , is that true?

  3. Thanks for sharing good information, plz tell is this exercise is for Horizontal canal /vertical canals or both ,how to check the problem with which canal?

  4. I have been diognosed by an ENT with BPPV. I am in therapy and just had the half somersault maneuver yesterday. I did it once with out any vertigo during this entire maneuver . What does this mean and should I just keep trying?

  5. I learned this yesterday. I’ve been dealing with vertigo fir 15 years with no relief. I just had to wait a few weeks for it to go away. I did this last night and was good until I brought my head parallel to the floor. I was so dizzy I had to lay on the floor but kept my head in the 45 degree position but laying down. I’ve never felt dizziness like that. Came upright and was ok. Did it again and barely anything. Woke up this morning and was fine

  6. Dr jo plz do reply if possible
    From past 3 months i have suffering from bppv
    When i do basic epley manuere it goes away after few days it come back
    And it is continuously happening in last 3 months
    What should i do in this synerio
    I know there are total may be four exercise for bppv which one should i do or why it has recurrent features
    Plz do answer
    From last 3 months i feel like hell in life

  7. I haven’t got the spinning sensation I’ve got the off balance type and also if I move my head it feels very dizzy lightheaded I’m taking meds for it at the moment but maybe I’ll try these exercises when I feel little better

  8. I am trying to understand the difference between head down, and head down and to the side. (2:502:55) It appears to be, as per gravity, no difference. Is the head moved very rapidly to the right (or left?) Thanks for all your videos..

  9. I have had this at main fall or spring weather change three times, last time I was desperate and found this. It took a couple of days, but it was a much shorter bout. This morning I woke up with just a touch as I turned my head in bed to see my clock. Wasn’t terrible, could still walk without spins, so I got on the floor and did the exercise, which made me throw up, but I put the head of my bed up (lord bless sleep number beds for times like these!) and dozed for a couple of hours. I did feel better right after doing it, and no more motion nausea. Two hours later, I have a tad of a headache, but have been able to get up and move around. Not brave enough to do anything that makes me dip or lower my head, but I know I can do the exercise again. This is the first time I have been able to head ( ha ha ) off a vertigo incident before it got nastier. Thanks so VERY much!!

  10. Thank you for demonstrating Dr Carol Foster's brilliant technique. It's the only technique that works for some of us, so it's appreciated that you include this video too as an alternative to the Epley Maneuver.

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