October 28, 2021

Vertigo Treatment Blog

Advancing the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and balance disorders..

Vertigo can make you feel as though you’re moving when you’re not. In this video, expert otolaryngologist Mr Richard Irving outlines the different conditions that can cause vertigo and what treatment for each condition looks like.

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50 thoughts on “Vertigo: causes, symptoms, and treatments

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  2. What are triggers of vertigo? Can stress and looking at computer/phone screens be triggers? I noticed sometimes all of a sudden, I have a sensation of the room spinning or moving side to side quickly even if I'm sitting still then I get a headache when the sensation is gone.

  3. Hello dear Doctor, thank you so much for your awesome guidelines. But I have a query that, I am facing with vertigo problem for few years. Sometimes I feel a noise in my left ear n then I feel vertigo n then start vomiting n feel imbalanced. But I don't get any proper solution n medication for this disease to doctors in my country. They are calling meniere's disease which will not be cured properly. Just they have given a medicine to cure vertigo problem. Have any solution to you that I can overcome this problem? Please help me 🥺

  4. Sir. I suffering from vertigo with vomiting about four years. And sound in left ear sai sai.
    My local doctor told me that this is manears deasese. I take maclizine. Stemetil. Cinnarizine. Betahastine. But feel better from only betahastine. Now I am taking vertin 24od
    Two times per day. Please tell me solution.

  5. What about anti pychotics my brother has been on respidone 2 mlg since 2003 him and his doctor is trying to ween him off it but he keeps on getting dizzy is there any way to ween him self of respidone with out dizzyness?

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  7. thanks for the video. this video helped me to understand vertigo. My mother was suffering from this scary disease. Then her friend suggests to her to go to planet Ayurveda. They treated vertigo with herbal medicines. Now she is fine.

  8. I got this dizziness vertigo solution for my partner who has experienced varying degrees of dizziness for 4 to 5. He started having results after 4 days, and now right after a full week, even though not 100% yet he`s had long periods of total relief. I am hoping this treatment will be the answer as well as he will have no more dizziness concerns to endure. I save your time to do the research on Google. The tip’s name is below.
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  10. The dizziness vertigo remedy made me feel extremely better after it solved my issues with dizziness. I get vertigo a couple times a year will so this be my go to item for now on. It`s also non-drowsy so I didn`t get sleepy or feel tired throughout the day. I like this technique! If I did not spend couple hours to research it on Google, I could not find this guide. The tip’s name is at the bottom.Taylor Suρandaz
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  12. There was once no clarification or remedy to the dizziness I felt. I utilized the dizziness vertigo treatment for a couple of days, and the great outcomes had me using it for twenty more days. Given that my dizziness is undoubtedly gone, I`m not really utilizing it anymore. You must use this if you are just like me. If I did not spend days to research it on Google, I could not find this guide. The tip’s name is under.Taylor Suρandaz
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  13. Dear Dr. I am on betahistine 8mg twice aday for 4 months. please tel me can I take fluoxetine 20mg once a day for depression with betahistine ? Please send me a reply. Thanks a lot.

  14. My dizziness and vertigo became more intense, which me frightened of even coming down from small incline. 3 days was all it required for the dizziness vertigo treatment I found. I went out now down and up steps on a steep side walk, no dizziness, no spinning, did not seem like I was gone to tumble. I`m very pleased with this specific medicine. I save your time to do the research on Google. The tip’s name is at the bottom.Taylor Suρandaz

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  16. This dizziness vertigo solution took away my mind spinning and aided with my dizziness. I get vertigo a couple times a year so this is going to be my go to product from now on. This method is non-drowse, so I am not bothered of dozing off at the office. I appreciate this method! If I did not spend hours to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The guidebook’s name is under.Taylor Suρandaz
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  17. I get vertigo episodes a lot! The episodes usually last for about a week. It was demanding and bad. I began using dizziness vertigo answer when I was fighting a small vertigo episode right after battling a week long attack in March. The vertigo appeared to go away rather quickly. If I did not spend days to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The tip’s name is at the bottom.
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  18. Excellent Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Dinanlinson Taking Peace Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome one off guide for healing your vertigo and dizziness permanently without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my BF at very last got astronomical results with it.

  19. Spring allergies bring mine on. It’s a living hell. Mine is more than about dizziness. I can just feel shitty all over. I do an exercise called the half somersault. That plus flonase and meclizine help. But meclizine puts me to sleep.

  20. I've been suspecting vertigo since I had a terrible dirtbike accident that broke my hand and resulted in 3 screws in the palm of my hand. I get randomly super nasus especially when lieing on my side and much more often when even just slightly hungry which could be another cause with blood sugar but that's not always the case when it strikes.

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