December 3, 2021

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Could the use of aged garlic for high blood pressure work just as well as some medications? Check this out.

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Let’s talk about aged garlic for high blood pressure. In a study involving 210 people over 24 weeks, aged garlic was shown to be just as effective as Atenolol for hypertension.

Aged garlic has fewer side effects and may be just as effective as Atenolol for hypertension. Always check with your doctor before coming off of any medications or trying any natural remedies.

Potential side effects of Atenolol:
• Blurred vision
• Cold hands
• Confusion
• Difficulty breathing
• Dizziness
• Excessive sweating
• Tightness in chest
• Fatigue
• Wheezing

Aged garlic seems to be effective because of an active ingredient called allicin. Allicin has many interesting effects, including anti-cancer effects and anti-hypertensive effects.

Potential benefits of allicin in aged garlic for hypertension:
• It can decrease angiotensin 2 (helps relax blood vessels and reduce hypertension)
• It can increase nitric oxide (helps reduce hypertension)
• It can decrease inflammation (helps lower blood pressure)
• It can thin the blood (reducing the risk of clotting)

When it comes to aged garlic vs. fresh garlic, aged garlic may work better than fresh garlic for high blood pressure. But, if you want to try fresh garlic, be sure to crush it and wait at least 15 minutes before consuming it to release more of the allicin compound. However, aged garlic has higher amounts of allicin, phytonutrients, and antioxidants than fresh garlic.

Aged garlic was found to inhibit advanced glycation end products by 56.4%. Fresh garlic was found to inhibit advanced glycation end products by 33.5%. Advanced glycation end products are involved in a lot of chronic health problems.

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Thanks for watching! You may want to check with your doctor about using aged garlic for high blood pressure.


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  1. My mom has been eating black garlic for a long time as an alternative for her health issue. It works wonder. You can easily get it if you are living in Asia. if not just look at asian store or traditional Chinese medicine shop. Don't worry about the taste because it's not smelly at all. You can't smell nor taste the garlic. It becomes mellow and sweet. not sure how effective the tablet compared to the real black garlic. Try looking for the real one first because it's worth it and can last for a long time

  2. Dr Berg I'm not sure if you've ever covered it before, but I believe I'm suffering from anhidrosis. I was hoping you could cover it on your channel, and how to best treat it.

  3. The root cause issue of hypertension is block arteries due to poor diet which consist of sugary food and fried food. Our arteries naturally get blocked over many years as we age.

  4. Beta blockers aren’t very good at treating high blood pressure. Atenolol is one of the older beta blockers and much less used than Bisoprolol. Beta blockers tend only to be used as an addition to other anti-hypertensives in treatment resistant hypertension. As Dr Berg explains, they do have a lot of side effects and elderly patients suffer more than most. It would be interesting to know if there are studies comparing garlic use to stronger anti-hypertensives such as ACE inhibitors such as Ramipril or ARB’s such as Candesartan. Or even comparisons between garlic and weak anti-hypertensives such as diuretics eg. Indapamide.

  5. Just use regular nonallicin garlic pills. Works as good and easy to find, no garlic after taste or garlic burping all day. Cheap! 2 months supply from Walmart is $6. No need to make things complicated or undesirable so that one doesn’t keep it up! I lowered my bp from 155 to 110 in 2 months of using garlic pills alone. Dr Sam Graci has been yelling about garlic for decades, the benefits are many and truly astounding. Lowers bp, lowers bad cholesterol and raises good, anti inflammatory, blood thinner, and when taken at night while body is at rest, it acts as a toxic waste collector and then u simply poop out the garlic and smell in the morning. I also take extra garlic when I’m constipated and it works. 1500-2000mg daily for me is the magic number and not lowering my bp so much that I feel faint when standing up quickly. Be careful if you’re already on blood thinners as it will perhaps thin too much. Zero side effects in non-allicin garlic pills and it works fast when taken daily.

  6. Question. I was doing OMAD feeling great and losing a lot of weight. I decided to fast longer maybe 24, 48 hours. I went 64 hours with no problems. Everyone got worried so I stopped at 64 hours. Even at 64 hours I wasn't hungry. Is that normal? Is burping and flatulence normal when not eating?

  7. Please Dr. I would like to purchase your products especially Bile salts but I need to know first the method used to kill the cows ( I'm a Muslim and the only way to have lawful meat or any part of the livestock is by slaughtering) so I wonder if the cows were electrocuted or stunned or stunned then slaughtered? Or killed in any other way?

  8. Video request: i keep hearing "eat fermented foods!! They cure everything!!" But everytime i eat them, my gi track goes crazy. Does rejecting fermented foods mean something?? Is there something i can try to get used to it? Or is my body saying "NO!"

  9. Say goodbye to acid reflux & heartburn ❤️‍🔥
    Use 2 or 3 capsules of acidophilus with billions of colonies of good bacteria open up two capsules and dump the acidophilus on a spoon, lick & swallow with just a sip of water. If you mistakenly bought tablets of acidophilus just chew them up & chase with a trickle of water! This will close the lower splinter muscle in your esophagus and keep the acid in your stomach to do it’s work. It won’t come back up your chest. Thanks for listening🙋🏼

  10. Congratulations for your great video! I love them all by the way!
    If I was the smartest person on my team my team would be in the trouble. That's why I have chosen The Dr Berg to be part of my team and I share my choice with anyone who wants to hear about it! Thank you Dr Berg! We find also in my team The Red Delta Project section Calisthenic Workouts so thank you at both of them!

  11. Dr Berg I would like to know the right time to take your electrolite powder. Should I take it only when I fast or even in a non fasting day ( even though I do intermittent fasting every day). Should one drink the whole 16 oz in one time or can I break it in two parts? Thank you

  12. Suggestion:
    Would it make sense to create a table that is added to when a food is found to combat certain ailments. That way the vast amount of information in videos can be organized into something of a reference that can quickly be used.

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