October 28, 2021

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Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety – Longwood Seminar

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Streamed live on April 11, 2017

Fear is one of the most important survival mechanisms in all species. But for the millions of Americans living with anxiety disorders, this healthy defense system has a dark side. In this seminar, Harvard Medical School scientists will explore the roots and origins of anxiety and how it can be managed.

Speakers: Isabelle M. Rosso, PhD, Greg Fricchione, MD, and Courtney Beard, PhD

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50 thoughts on “Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety – Longwood Seminar

  1. It’s useless I’m 42 I have had anxiety since I was 10 I have agoraphobia and have studied everything and the counselors that come to the house are in school and quit within months to go to “better jobs” so watching this I hope it helps someone to help others. At 42 I am a lost cause. Praying for you all who want to help others and those who need help and can’t get help just medicine.

  2. I have tried a lot of different things trying to improve my physical and mental health. The one that worked for me was the Forwago personalized program.

  3. I feel dizziness and high blood pressure when Iam sexualy excited… I can't even flirt with my girl friend… Is this anxiety problem or something.. Please somebody help me out 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  4. Reading the comments a lot of them seem like they didn't hear the lecture. They may have listened to it but hearing and comprehending is different. Go back look at the tips and types of therapy and how we can help ourselves when therapy is out of reach. Just thinking it away is not appropriate for everyone and making this statement while seemingly helpful will make a lot feel more anxious as some feel as if they failed if they aren't able to think it away by themselves.

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  6. For my future reference: 1:01:10 to 1:23:12 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Thoughts (mental habits, overestimate risk of threat and underestimate ability to cope, difficulty disengaging from negative thoughts, dysfunctional). Feelings. Behavior.

    1:07:48 Treatments:
    Identify the negative automatic thoughts. Evaluate how accurate or useful the thought is. (Are there ways I could cope? It's not just positive thinking – suggesting that is not helpful. Take a more balanced, realistic view and less extreme thoughts). Replace thought with a more accurate or helpful one. Test out thoughts with exposure to feared situations (done in steps and being mindful of each feeling, response, reality and ability to cope).

    1:14:55. Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) Situation/task and pairing with healthier interpretations.

    Mindfulness. Awareness. Healthier skills. Helpful.

    Thank you.

  7. I live with Addisons disease…. My adrenal glands fdo not work. I will not accept my coping mechanism is a prob but Im reminded I dont react to extra home made bs "normal"….. I have PTSD a rape in histoery(2 rapes/ one with young childhood/ a rape as a grown man as well, so abandonment and trust issues and my body doesnt produce stress hormones/Cortisol…. but when DOCS tell me I cannot feel …. it makes me wanna punch them in the face to see if their pain is ALSO in THEIR HEAD….. but ots eay to think we dsee FROM THE OUTSIDE IN as iif that person who iis inside looking out HAS LOST AWARENESS. THIS ASSUMPTION people gives us HELPS the LOOP that shackles us. UNTIL we address FEAR with LOVE it NEVER GOES AWAY, but I feel people are emotionally broken and MOST PEOPLE can LIE and HIDE IT BETTER. . . .I get FEARFUL of those who KNOW but choose to pretend they dont see…. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  8. the fear of not getting presents from santa clause…..or the fear of trusting again after mommy and daddy are found out to have been lying to their children …..trust issues could be rooted that far back…. seems like we are clouded from day one…… since those with the POWER keep us oppressed WITH FEAR, no?

  9. Ive been dealing with fear and anxiety for several years. Its really hard to explain your internal feelings and too difficult to overcome. bc of these fear and anxiety it keeps holding me back from seeking a new job. I would say im not lazy its just bc of fear and anxiety

  10. Yeah now that they’ve murdered and destroy the constitution and put everyone in fear now they want to teach us how to be powerful
    Harvard the most financially corrupt bullshit studies in America
    Nazi frauds

  11. 1:14:00 We are shown a computer program that something that you can do for yourself. Tell the story, but correct yourself. Most of the time, if you worry, you are doing this all the time, anyway, but doing it negatively. All you have to do is reverse the script.

    If this is a serious problem, you have already contradicted me. Now, contradict yourself and see how well it works.

  12. Diagnosed with PTSD and living with health anxiety since losing my wife quickly to cancer 3 years ago. would wake in the middle of the night, heart racing. now im hyper sensitive to the slightest ache or pain. After a huge panic attack last week, i spent sunday watching youtube videos on the subject, and reading the comments of fellow sufferers. One commenter said their physchotherapist told them to supplement with Inositol. after researching, i bought some the next day. I can honestly say i feel better than i have in years… More energy, more socially active,no longer anxious to lay my head on the pillow and hear my heart pounding…Placebo effect? i dont believe so…theres too many case studies out there. Please Give it a try , its a naturally occurring compound ( once called vitamin B8) so is quite safe. you never know, It might help you . I hope it does . Good luck .

  13. is it possible that the difference in treatment outcomes according to age grouping is more that as we get older, neuroplasticity slows down. It doesnt stop, but maybe there wasnt enough time given in this experiment for older brains to make the change. Our neuron 'grooves' are deeper, our 'motorways' wider, makes sense that it would take more time and consistency to reach the tipping point of change

  14. I love sleeping becuz i feel relax lil bit sometimes when i woke up i feel like why did i woke up 💔 agian i have to feel fear til i agian close my eyes

  15. I have a bad anxiety about breathing. My therapist recommended whim hoffs breathing walkthrough and I was crying and laughing when I finished it. Facing that anxiety head on has helped me feel a bit more normal.

  16. Okay with CBT I get it you focus on what is causing you to have a fear response. However, there are panic disorders where the panic attacks come out of the blue with no specific fear attached to them. Is CBT all we have?

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