November 28, 2021

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Iron is a necessary nutrient that is involved in a variety of bodily functions. A diet deficient in iron can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and anemia.

Did you know that high-iron fruits such as watermelon, prunes, and raisins can assist you in resolving your issue? Knowing the top fruits that are high in iron will surely assist deliver your hemoglobin boost up and may even aid your anemia. While reading this, I know that you are curious about which delicious fruits are dense in iron.

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00:39 – Watermelon
01:03 – Currants
01:31 – Almonds
02:03 – Pomegranate
02:32 – Dates
03:04 – Mulberries
03:39 – Raisins
04:08 – Prunes
04:34 – Sun dried tomato


1. Watermelon
watermelon not only contains 90 percent water but also contains a high concentration of nutrients, including iron, which makes it a nutritious snack.

2. Currants
Black and red currants have the ability to provide numerous health benefits. They are also high in nutrients and contain a significant amount of iron.

3. Almonds
Nuts and nut butters are excellent sources of non-heme iron. This is particularly true for almonds, which contain between 1.6 mg of iron per ounce, or approximately 6–9% of the recommended daily intake.

4. Pomegranate
Pomegranate is also high in iron, making it an ideal source for individuals with low red blood cell counts.

5. Dates
This, daily consumption of a few dates will provide your body with the necessary iron.

6. Mulberries
Not only are they beneficial for diabetics, but they are also high in iron, which makes them an excellent fruit for anemic individuals and those looking to boost their hemoglobin levels.

7. Raisins
Raisins are simply dried grapes, but they are high in iron. Include a handful of raisins in your daily diet to treat iron deficiency anemia.

8. Prunes
Iron-rich dried fruits such as prunes, for example, are an excellent source of iron and may be used to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

9. Sun dried tomato
One of the most advantageous characteristics of sun dried tomatoes is the high iron content of the tomatoes.

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