November 30, 2021

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Thyroid and Hormones – 5 Ways to Help Support Your Hormone Health

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Thyroid and Hormones – 5 Ways to Help Support Your Hormone Health // Thyroid problems and problems with our sex hormones are intricately linked. When we have low thyroid function then our ability to make and clear hormones becomes compromised due to the sensitivity of this system and its need for proper thyroid input. In this video, we not only talk about how our thyroid and sex hormones are connected, but we also discuss 5 different ways to support your hormones by using natural approachs from one side of our physiology to the other.

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4 thoughts on “Thyroid and Hormones – 5 Ways to Help Support Your Hormone Health

  1. Which of these strategies do you think you'll try to help support your hormones? What has worked best in the past? I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's responses and experiences! Thank you 🙂 -Dr. Brad

  2. I always am amazed at how much I learn from you, Dr. Brad! I had no idea that our thyroid and sex hormones are connected. Thanks so much for sharing how we can support our hormones using natural approachs. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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