November 28, 2021

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The Sims Mobile SLIGHTLY ASKEW ep. 1: Have I Caught Llama Flu??

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Hello simmers, welcome to the first episode of Slightly Askew, a new Sims Mobile Let’s Play following the Askew family.

In this episode, 19 year old Lyric Askew begins her career in the Medical profession, where a Llama Flu epidemic appears to be underway (an illness I may just have contracted myself!)

I also spend some hard earned Ducky Bucks on a Hot Tub Event goody bag, and some Fashion Gems on another questionable Izzy’s Exclusive Design.

Next week:

YOU’RE INVITED to Admiral’s Retirement Party this coming Sunday, 26 March. Add me as a friend before Sunday to attend.

My friend code: JADHVWL

Australia: 10pm (Eastern Daylight Savings)
United Kingdom: 11am
Central Europe: 12pm
United States: 7am (Eastern Time)
Brazil: 8am
China: 7pm
Phillipines: 8pm
India: 4.30pm
Central Africa: 1pm

I hope to see your sims there!

With the social aspects of the game there will be plenty of other opportunities for you all to get involved and possibly have your sims guest star in future episodes. Stay tuned to find about more.



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4 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile SLIGHTLY ASKEW ep. 1: Have I Caught Llama Flu??

  1. There is a new updated in the sims mobile there is now day and night and you can look out the window and you can turn on the light and turn off the light and the shop on the sims mobile is different too and when you're sims need a shower or a toilet guess what the roommate cant go in the bathroom because the sims in the bathroom need prevent that in the game too and more so don't miss the updated and you can now shop for new clothes and hairstyles too on sims mobile and you can build more house and it was aupdated in January 2020

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