November 28, 2021

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Home Remedies | How to Cure Vertigo with Yoga by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

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Do you ever become dizzy in the middle of the day? Then watch this video to find out how to deal with vertigo problems.

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36 thoughts on “Home Remedies | How to Cure Vertigo with Yoga by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

  1. Dear mam, it is worth to hear you. Please try to start your hindi channel for btr knowledge sharing. I m.sharing your videos to my mum but she can't understand complete video as it is in english. It wil helpful to many more people if in hindi.. regards 💐

  2. What a happy woman I am now being free from Cancer disease Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for curing me from Cancer disease only by using his products which he sent to me

  3. I was also having vertigo last week. Bcoz i used ear drops for my ear wax. Also I'm hearing impaired since birth due to excessive of jaundice plus premature birth by 2 months.

    I was using baidyanth kshar tel 2 weeks back in my ears bcoz of wax. And then after 1 week, i was feeling dizziness and vertigo as well..

    Just asking that is this bcoz of ear drops that led me to the feeling of vertigo?? As i heard from people about one type ear drops that leads to vertigo after few weeks of usage of ear drops. I don't remember the name of ear drops back then.

    Hope I'll get responses to my comment based on your previous experiences.

  4. Namaste hansaji,
    My uncle is suffering from Parkinson's disease and recently had brain stroke. Now he is not swallowing any food or liquid and keep it in mouth without swallowing. Can you suggest me any advice to make him swallow. We are giving him the soft diets but he is unable to swallow and coughing for every single spoon, please help us

  5. Been cured from Diabetes disease is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I thank God for using Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube to cure me from this virus with his herbal medication.

  6. I plan my diet thoughtfully, but still I have severe nutrition deficiency. I get cracked tongue n sore mouth because of this, n I have to take supplements which I don't like to take. Can I get any help

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