December 3, 2021

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The following video provides a glimpse into the daily life of Americans in the 1950s. The video also focuses on significant fads, trends, and other aspects of popular culture throughout the decade.

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13 thoughts on “History Brief: Daily Life in the 1950s

  1. I'm marathoning these history video series. And when 1930s were finished, after several minutes of searching for 1940s daily life video, only then I realized that I'm stupid dumb ass

  2. I can't begin to count the ways the '50's were the best overall time in the history of this country. Seems everything was clean and bright, everyone's spirit was ALIVE, and there was a sense that everything was going to be all right. I know there are detractors out there, but in many ways – when you think about it – you know I'm right!

  3. I have ALWAYS been attracted to the 1950's. I know that it was far from perfect . In the back of my head I always thought I would be a great housewife in that time. Thanks for the video

  4. hi reading though history and everyone good afternoon I really injoyed this I remember the early 60's before thing started to change in 1967 for the good the bad the total some mostly for the worst but it's not all bad even to day I know some good family's with teen's and kid's that are sort of like the the family's in this video there kid's good manners and respect they even live in a bad nabor hood and still the parents are doing great job raising there kid's there teen's and kid's are honest they wouldn't steal any damm thing good mannered and they show respect to there parent's and other people there never loud or rude and they been raising there in the 2000's yes there is some hope I wish there was lot more like these people 🙂

  5. With regards to the 1950s, have you seen Lovecraft Country on HBO? The horror-themed historical drama is set in the 1950s. Yes, I know all the supernatural stuff probably did not happen, but do you like the show otherwise?

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