December 3, 2021

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Healing in the House of a Pharisee|Luke 14 |Miracles in Unlikely Places| Words of Grace|Matt Webster

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The mission of Jesus to save the lost is front in center in the story of the healing of the man with dropsy. Join Pastor Matt in Luke 14 and discover that salvation is not found in a place, it is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Whatever ails you in life, as you receive communion you are bringing awareness to what you have in the finished work of Christ.

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On Sundays Pastor Matt Webster reveals the beauty of God’s grace in Scripture. The Gospel or glad tidings of salvation in Jesus Christ is 100% good news not based on our behavior but based on the finished work of the Savior. Grow in your faith as you watch Words of Grace every week.

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Luke14, Healing In The House Of A Pharisee, Miracles In Unlikely Places, Salvation Is Found In Jesus, Salvation Is A Person, Messy Series, What Was Meant For Evil, Trap For Jesus, Hypocrisy Of The Pharisee, Teachers Of The Law, Grace Before You, Salvation Has Come, Pastor Matt Webster, Jesus Saves, Jesus Before You Now, Unexpected Blessings, Come And Receive, You Lack Nothing In Christ, Prepares A Table Before Me, #FeastInHeaven, Dropsy, What is Dropsy

Hopeful Freedom by Asher Fulero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


7 thoughts on “Healing in the House of a Pharisee|Luke 14 |Miracles in Unlikely Places| Words of Grace|Matt Webster

  1. Closing out our "Messy Series" with a miracle happening in the most unlikeliest place of all. Salvation is found in a person (Jesus Christ) not a place. Put your hope in Jesus and receive the miracle you need over whatever ails you. 💕 ✝️

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