December 1, 2021

Vertigo Treatment Blog

Advancing the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and balance disorders..



    The psycho-immune and emotional aspects are a fundamental complement to the drugs used for asthma and respiratory allergies to pollen, dust, mites, cats ..

    Practicing 5 minutes of
    the psychophysical exercises of the INDALO CODEX method, many people suffering
    from respiratory allergies or asthma managed to breathe well all year round. In
    the book “ASTHMA AND ALLERGY”  and in the
    app for IOS and Android, you will discover the 5 keys to the spontaneous
    remission of respiratory allergies and asthma.

  2. Naye banauganda banange,ensimbi ezononebwa nebiseera ebitwalibwa mukunonyeleza kumisango ejanagomora nadara gunno ogwokutta kawesi lwaki omusumba kakande tatuyamba namutubulira nekiyamba abantu abavundira mumakomera okutebwa kubanga bavunanibwa bwelele.kunokwekutesa kwange

  3. God I'm before you I tap on this anointing right now heal my daughter and me from asthma she's at school but she weezes all the time and she experience heavy cough.. prophet pray for me and my children for hearing in Jesus name I pray

  4. Jesus is the healer
    To GOD be the Glory.
    Thank you Jesus Christ, thank you Man of GOD for your endless prayers to us May the Almighty GOD in heaven bless you more abundantly and long live Amen.

  5. the healer is Jesus thank you my friend for healing us man of God l hope through your prayers in Jesus name mukwano yesu wampade contract empya naye nga bwowonya bano bona nkusaba yesu tukole babiri kuba nasabirwa da

  6. I also had Asthma but am
    Heal cos prophet prayed for me after that I never experienced that thank you Jesus glory to Jesus. Thank you man of god live long for people like me.

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