December 1, 2021

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Dizziness – Thyroid and Brain Symptoms (And how to fix them!)

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Dizziness – Thyroid and Brain Symptoms (And how to fix them!) // Thyroid symptoms can cause problems throughout the body and one of the main areas of impact is the brain. Most of the time, doctors don’t understand this connection, which leads patients to be referred from specialist to specialist without any real answers. In today’s video, we cover the three most common reasons why hypothyroid problems can lead to brain symptoms like dizziness. We’ll also discuss natural and holistic strategies for supporting these thyroid issues, so you can start feeling better.

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9 thoughts on “Dizziness – Thyroid and Brain Symptoms (And how to fix them!)

  1. Thankfully I’ve never had this symptom(s)…..

    A lot of great information. Funny how most doctors make hypothyroidism seem so simple and easy to correct. “Here’s a prescription for synthroid, we will recheck your TSH and T4 in a few months.” Meanwhile we continue to feel like death warmed over.

  2. Unfortunately doctors in the UK will not do these tests. I had to beg for a full thyroid blood test and they still missed half of it, then said it was satisfactory. Mean while I've just got worse and worse. Dizziness is a constant issue for me where i feel im going to pass out ☹

  3. Absolutely fascinating dive into this issue. I learn so much from you and appreciate you sharing this helpful content. I need to re-watch & take some notes. I deal with debilitating episodes of BPPV that I self-diagnosed and found the treatment for it myself online (a floor version of the Epley Maneuver). I wonder if the dislodging of the crystals in the vestibular area is at all related to my hashimoto’s?

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