November 28, 2021

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Complete tutorial: Custom Bubbles for PS Vita

2 min read

Since a lot of people still had problems with the bubbles, I made a big video which explains the following things:

A lot (a metric fuckton) of informations!

Installing & Using OpenCMA
Which games can be used, and which can not.
Firmware restrictions and things you need.
The EBOOT.PBP file.
Getting rid of some PSPemulator protections.
Fake_NP, VHBL.ISO and much more.

Downloads & important links: link for VHBL.ISO:
Fake_NP v1.0 tool:
Sony CMA & OpenCMA (use the search box):
PKG Viewer v1.3:
Exploit game list:
Sony Account website (for XPD/PKG Files):
(If you want it too, PBP Unpacker:

Easy to do:

Choose a game that is not shit on 3.35 (so no minis and no 3.xx exploit game), grab its EBOOT.PBP and put it on your PC (e.g. via the Sony website and xpd + PKG file, or another way you might prefer).
Use fake_np to sign the VHBL.ISO with your EBOOT.PBP Games’ header.
Move the created file on your PS Vita and rename some folders and move some files (see video).
Rebuild database and reboot vita. Done.
VHBL should now run via that chosen game.

Check the video for a detailed tutorial 😀


36 thoughts on “Complete tutorial: Custom Bubbles for PS Vita

  1. My psvita is on FW 3.35
    but I don't have any games on my psvita which I can download from SonyEntertainmentNetwork. So that's my problem at the begin. Can you help me plz…

  2. Finally managed to connect to my PC and PS3 without it asking me to update.
    I'm still having problems creating bubbles and installing emulators, but I'm sure I just need to put more attention to the video.

    Thanks a ton man.

  3. OMG WTF….I Follow your instruction but man…i didnt see that one said DL the pkg of the game i chose piyotama because im on firmware 3.01 and you said anything is good to go…but im so naive then follow your instruction till the end then when i try to rebuild i realize…..DAMN i think i mess up…now my 1o1 MEga mix gave me error…now what do i do….? that is the only access to my tnv..this is the first time i did this bubble trick…. oh man im so frustrated??!!!

  4. The video is pretty long and it was pretty exhausting to record and explain everything for that long, so please excuse some mistakes I made (be them spelling, pronounciation, or other things) 🙂

    are you kidding me…it is worth waiting and thank you for your effort the Z 😀

  5. Zett do you had a video show me how to create VHBL to allowed me to install just as a base Patapon 2. I try to find out so I can use UNO as my VHBL

  6. tried this with ARK2 on 3.36, works but how do i change the icon and name of the game on the main menu? im using numblast exploit, after doing this i only have 1 game 'numblast' on the main menu, that starts the ARK…

  7. use adhoc file transfer v0.7 for kernel3.xx homebrew and you are able to move rename, transfer to psp, make direectorys etc, do everything you want in your ms0:/PSP/… directory… 

  8. Shortcut Reference
    [mostly for me, vid is informative but really drawn out if u know the stuff already] 

    4:00 – xpf download for psp game
    12:00, 13:00 Shows what programs are needed
    16:25 how to download pspgame pkg
    17:20 pkg viewer to extract EBOOT.PBP to source folder
    18:37 move eboot and iso to np folder
    19:40 rename eboot to something + shift right click to start cmd + run fake_np
    22:00 put fake signed eboot to a savedata and cma it over, copy 01234 folder too
    30:00 use ftp to move/rename stuff [dont forget to rename psp2 back to psp]
    30:30 important ftp stuff [add '&' at end of pspgame, make new dir with sign eboot]


    btw this guide works perfect i now have a tn-v loader bubble with a tnv icon0.png using uno as base, now im gunna make psp filer, ftp, homebrew loader, and of course psp isos lol psvita is better than 3ds now imo, im still getting one of those anyway cuz loz mm3d

  9. Everything is not to my understanding i tried everything and the bubbles are not showing i just got my ps vita in the beginning of january and it updated to 3.36 and i tried our tutorials and no bubbles and i am hatefully irritated.

  10. Hey zett i used ftp to transfer files but whenever i try to change the "psp" to "psp2" it doesnt stay that way, i also tried "game" to "game2" but nothing seems to work after i refresh can you please help me

  11. So, in a nutshell, this won't work with a PS Vita that runs on 3.18 and only has 2 PS Vita games pre-installed…
    Well is there any way to download games via the PSN website and then put those on the PS Vita since I can't use the store on it anymore?

  12. I can connect to my ps vita via filezilla but i can't transfer files
    Server not secure, does not support FTP upon TLS.
    Estado:    Server does not support non-ASCII characters.

  13. @The Zett Hello, came to the 20 minute mark and ran into a problem, when I go to use fake_np and type all the stuff that you did, I get open VBHL.ISO failed! any help on this one?

  14. Hello this day I have been trying to create a bubble with TNV Menu using as a base Loco Roco 2 but not working, a green screen appears and does not advance more. The curious thing is that when trying the VHBL menu does not work, VHBL menu load but but before you start the game is suspended as if he had pressed home. Also probe with a game and I have no problems with that, anyone have any idea who might be going wrong? Could it be that the game is too big for a base bubble?

  15. Hi Z,
    wäre wirklich cool wenn du mir helfen könntest.
    Ich hab alles Schritt für Schritt nachgemacht und auch eigentlich ohne Probleme. Aber nachdem ich die Datenbank zurücksetzten musste startet mein Spiel nicht! (Wipeout Pulse) . Ich bekomme dann einfach den Fehler C1-2738-0.
    Ich hoffe jetzt , du kannst helfen.

  16. Hello, I am Brazilian and I'm using google translator I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes, but I'm willing to buy a PS Vita and make home brew to play PSX and PSP games on the console but have a doubt if I still be able to perform this procedure play online or update the console if necessary?

  17. I'm sorry, so your saying is if i have a minis like Fieldrunners and i wanted to use a 3.18 exploit game like Talkman Travel Tokyo.. and i try putting that game into my minis game, it won't work at all?

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