December 1, 2021

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Today I show you how to use Color Theory in a speedpainting workflow to quickly create uniformity and mood in warbands and armies! You can find all the REAL TIME footage on my Patreon! ►

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37 thoughts on “Color Theory is the ultimate SPEED PAINTING tool

  1. Hey Marco, loved your vid! One of the best painters out there on Youtube 🙂 I have a question regarding the "washing" process with oil paints. When i am trying to take some paint of with a sponge or the q-tips(mineral spirit) after coating the whole model, it always destroys a little bit the undercoat base layer which i set up previously. Do i need to seal the base color before? I am using mostly GW paints for the base colors. 🙂

  2. Marco…you are one of my favorite people ever. It seems that every time you put out a new video I feel more inspired to jump back into the hobby and paint something that challenges me artistically. Keep up the amazing work my friend!

  3. If student grade oil works for this, would other cheap oils work too? For instance Daler Rowney do a Simply Oils cheap set. I’m just not sure if buying cheap oils is a waste of money

  4. spectacular Marco as always. Thanks for explaining the difference between the artist and student oils on minis!
    the trick with the different metallic tones was genius

  5. wow what a result, I've got black and brown oils but hardly pull them out for metallics because the spirit used to thin them typically takes off my acrylics without a varnish beforehand. What did you use to thin your oils instead?

  6. Marco, do you varnish you army models and if you do, what do you use to protect them. I don't want to varnish some of mine due to them having matte paint and TMM paints on them. The matte varnish dulls my TMM too much. how do you work around this?

  7. I always learn so much from these videos! How many videos do I have to watch before I get your level of airbrush and brush control?

  8. What are the paints that you're using for your zenithal through the airbrush? I can't find the brand through the links in your description and I am interested to look into them a bit.

  9. Whenever I use oils and then try to remove them I always end up removing even the earlier stage acrylic coats and sometimes even the primer, no matter how smooth and gentle I am. I use vallejo surface primer and mostly gw and Ak interactive acrylics . Anyone having the same problem and perhaps a solution?

  10. At around the 8:00 mark when the magenta is applied, the prior blue tone completely seems to be negated. Am I missing something?
    I’ve noticed this common theme in several of your videos (a few from the cursed city come to mind) where you build up layer upon layer of complimentary colors only to seemingly mask them with a heavy wash, a stronger opaque color or magenta in this case.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like to see what the model would look like if perhaps the initial blue color application was skipped and you instead went straight to the red, yellow then magenta.
    I’m sure there has to be a method to the madness but when the blue appears to be washed away at around 8:00 why bother with it at all?

  11. 5 hours of work…
    how much is that your set up?

    My airbrush is in another room due to the vent and it is not an option to do it at the same place.

    Do you have any suggestions on setting up a better flow in a workspace?

    I really like your process and have started working with oils and transparency more. I practice airbrushing on almost every model now and have upgraded to better airbrushes, which helped alot.

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