November 28, 2021

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This video aims to give you an idea of what’s required in the Cardiovascular Examination OSCE.

Normal heart sounds and aortic regurgitation/stenosis sounds
Recorded on a Thinklabs Digital Stethoscope (

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Some people have found this video useful for ASMR purposes.


46 thoughts on “Cardiovascular Examination – OSCE Guide

  1. Help to support us by checking out our other clinical skills resources including:
    – 📱Geeky Medics OSCE App:
    – 📝 120+ PDF OSCE Checklists:
    – 🗂️ 1000+ OSCE Flashcards:
    – ❓Over 3000 Free MCQs:
    – 🩺Medical Finals Question Pack:
    – 💊PSA Question Pack:

  2. If it helps anyone remember it, RILE is a good mnemonic for knowing that Right-sided valve murmurs are louder with Inspiration (RI) and Left-sided are louder with expiration (LE).

  3. They sometimes recommend palpating for dextrocardia before looking for the Apex. Most times it is unnecessary but it helps on the of chance it shows up and consultants like to see you do it.

  4. Fantastic video as always. Just wondering what the significance of angular stomatitis is as a stigma for cardiovascular pathology. Is it an indicator for poor oral hygiene and diet and thus a point of concern for one's cardiovascular health?

  5. Nice 👍…You should have also done clinically palpable P2 and in auscultation aortic regurgitation.(how to check radiation of aortic regurgitation)
    Moreover while palpating all valves of heart you must not remove your thumb from carotid artery as you’re checking for thrill whether systolic or diastolic.
    Thank you very much for sharing this video.
    Dr khalid

  6. PLEASE HELP! When he does the accentuation manoeuvres for the aortic regurgitation why does he put the stethoscope on the left sternal edge? Should it not be the right sternal edge of the second intercostal space? Isn't that where the aortic valve is heard best?
    Thank you! Great video 🙂

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