October 28, 2021

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Black Desert Online official site – http://bit.ly/1NrAgF7
During Closed Beta 2 weekend, the cash shop prices for “cosmetic” items were revealed for Black Desert Online… and they are ridiculous and not just cosmetic. $32 for an outfit. $~10 for a pet.

Let’s discuss these prices, why they are ridiculous, and look at another game with a similar setup with much more reasonable prices


50 thoughts on “Black Desert Online's Absurd Cash Shop Prices

  1. Warframe have by far the best cash shop. I don't mind at all to buy cash coins for $25 because with that cash I can buy a lof of stuffs in their store, like, a lot. Or at least like GW2 store where the prices are high but you can buy everything without cash, so you only buy cash sometimes do speedup the way to buy what you want.

  2. You had some good points here but the length of your video is about as reasonable as the price of the outfits, they both even happen to be 32. I agree with you totally but it shouldn't take 32 minutes to talk about it

  3. People complained for years cause item shops was too much in game for ESSENTIAL game items (like jewels for plussing, unbound items, runes for gear etc…)
    Now that item shop have only skins and not very usefull stuff (like a pet with auto-loot or with pvp players detecting can be pay to win ahahah) people still complain.

    Wow….just wow…refusing to play a game cause cant change your armor skin is so childish 😀
    Who cares about skins?they are just skins…can live without it

  4. I'm sorry but you took too long to get to the point, couldn't watch till the end but I do agree that there should not be more stats on cosmetic items (like even underwear!). There is to little choice in game but hey, the choice in the shop isn't worth spending 30 euro's either! Try to look nice with a witch, it's not possible. For me personal this is the big downfall for BD online so far, the lack of choice in clothing your char.

  5. I agree with you, the free costumes look like shit, there are a few sweet looking outfits i wanted to buy, but not for that price, it's like an insult, and besides, what i've seen in all the online shops like this and PlayStation Networks, what you americans buy for 10 dollars we buy for 10€, which is also like messing around with europeans (1€>1$, it doesnt make much difference in small purchases, but after a few it really does).

  6. this game doesnt lie, progression is not visual… if youd like to dress your character I suggest barbie world. this game is about self progression and economy. if you think about it leagues of legend skins are 20$

  7. I wouldn't care if a cosmetic item cost $1000. It's cosmetic. If that same item had a +1 to a stat, get it the hell out of the cash shop, regardless of price. Simple.

  8. Ill never buy another Korean mmo game again after this one. Ridiculous prices in the cash shop, not to mention some of the pay to win aspects.. All this game has going for it is a decent combat system, its not even that great.. The game engine is crap and poorly coded. The loot system is horrible. The gear is horrible. The UI is abysmal.. The crafting for a sandbox mmo is atrociously done. The fact you can't trade is bad. For a sandbox, which are traditionally less restricted, less cookie cutter, less set path, this game has some hardcore restrictions/controls in place like setting prices on the market/AH..

    We need a triple A company to make a decent sandbox for north America because the last 2 coming out of Korea sucked when you got right into them.. Not to mention the bot spammers ruining the main chat..

    This game had some cool aspects, but it was not worth the box price.. The combat gets old fairly quickly, the questing is fairly bad if not the worst I've ever seen in a mmo.. I don't mind open field grinding but this game has a horrible agro system and spawn rate.. There was some cool mechanics in the game which made it fun for a few weeks, but once that new mmo smell is gone, it gets stale very fast.

    Does anyone wanna buy a second account??

  9. You are right about the price, but 1. Stating a game is pay to win because it generally has stats on it is downright sad no if they are PRIMARY stats like accuracy or AP then yes you are buying power but luck and exp is not power at all. 2.your assuming comments are made towards you that haven't been said yet. its condescending and sad. but again i agree with the prices. but really anyone who claims pay to win is because of a minor stat then fine thats your choice dont play it. You are forgetting no expansion costs no monthly fee, just because WoW for example charged 13 Euro a month and then 39.99 for an expansion, think about how much you spent on that. And blade and soul have to compensate with there linear none open world BOT filled pvp failure.

  10. 5-10$ a pet and its $24 an outfit or costume. also, in a PVP environment with equal endgame gear a +1 attack speed, +1 to visual range and +100 stamina (conquer pack costume stats) makes you a god among mere mortals so while its not "game breaking" it does make the PVP environment a "pay to compete" system. I have also noticed that the cammo costume is making guild vs guild very difficult because it removes the name and guild tag from the player wearing it meaning if your guild is at war with another guild your tag should show red to the opposing guild where as you cant see theirs meaning they can assassinate you while grinding or fishing with no penalty unless you pay to have the same cammo costume IE pay to compete.

  11. this a cash shop nothing in it is a must have i am on BDO . really i would hate for you guys to play Age of Wushu or Archeage . ya'll wont to talk about ptw or cash grabs go play those 2 .

  12. if everyone was smart enough and just all quit the game or spend 0 dollars these game cheating companies would have to stop these cash shops shit.

  13. I agree with this.  Far as game play goes, this game is awesome.  The trading system, horse breading, hunting, fishing, guild and on and on and on.  But a simple thing like how my char looks… they screwed that up real bad…  It's a beautiful looking game with some of the best scenery I've ever seen in a game.  I like to just roam around because I like it so much, but if my char ALSO looked sweet that would make the game that much better.  When I do my ultimate move, I want to LOOK ultimate, not level 11… (I'm level 40 by the way).  Just like what Vertigo said, I can afford it but I won't out of principle.  It's funny because I spent $2100 on a new computer because of this game but I REALLY do not want to spend the $32 on a costume.  I probably would have spent $32 on outfits if they looked cool with rational pricing.

  14. Pausing 3 minutes in Sidenote, when doing a video completely and entirely about 'absurd prices', it would behoove a presenter to know the prices their entire presentation is about.

  15. I just gotta agree with this, especially about the lack of variety. I can understand paying for a maid outfit but I cannot understand paying for decent looking armor. Seeing your character change visually is kinda like seeing your child growing but in mmos your character doesn't age, so the grownth can be seen in gear. I personally fail to see how making more armors and giving them more variety in game as well as lowering prices would hurt anyone. In my eyes satisfied customer is a returning customer, what BD is doing now is basically thriving away potential money pockets instead of opposite.

  16. can someone please tell me how to hell to even get to the cash shop. I can't find out how to even open it and all I want to do is buy more character slots

  17. Just think of it like this. Instead of paying 15 a month for a subscription fee you get to play the game for free forever. So for every month just add 15 bucks to a fund and then use that fund to buy whatever pets and costumes you want.

  18. Pay 2 win is a myth. Players that buy these items are only reducing their enjoyment of the game. If they buy a piece of armor with real money, that otherwise would have taken 20 hours to get in game. Then they are just paying to beat the game. They didn't win anything. They bought a game and then paid even more to not play it. Why would someone buy a game they wanted to play, then spend money to cut down on the playtime itself. P2W is just an excuse for players to get angry about other players. Everyone can get the same weapons/armors weather they buy them with real money or achieve them in game. It's not Pay 2 Win. It's Pay 2 Beat, and anybody that pays to beat a game is not a gamer. Also Buy 2 Play is a myth. You have to buy every game that you play. So are you telling me the something like Assassin's Creed is Buy 2 Play? What a useless term.

  19. Pets are pay to win. They give you big bonuses. Dogs give you an edge in pvp they detect flagged players. People who PURCHASED costumes give you an edge in pvp. The game is clearly pay to win.

  20. i dont know how the economy of the game works but .. i presume if a costume would cost 5euros they'd sell 20x more costumes in a month and that would even get them more money than by selling them for 20-30euros each. i dont know if thats bad thinking on the DEV's part or it simply works this way with high prices

  21. I know what your saying about pricing but honestly. $32 is NORMAL for mmos or alteast every mmo i've played. However they aren't bound…in pwi you could take your fashion and sell it to another player..its f2p p2w – as for loot pets, again that price is actually cheap. tera is $15-20 USD keep in mind with currency conversion it costs me like 25-35 and the outfits are around 20-30 aswell

  22. conclusion : this game could be fun but they fucked it up with pay to win part and pvp system no matter what u say in this game u can do everything but not important things that are in the games like pvp and raiding etc

  23. it is pay2 win i am afraid. and its seriously empty when it come to endgame pve content. its such a backwards game ,even swtor that is 3 years older has much more interesting options and it aint p2win.it is just a lineage2 with new graphics

  24. This game is not pay to win, does not offer any pay to win elements. So why is it such a big deal that there are costumes that cost 30$? Almost every game offers a form of customization for a real money price, even subscription fee games. They need to make an income steadily and this is a great way to do it by offering things that only change how your character looks and nothing else. When you spend that 30$ to play the game you get access to absolutely everything except for fancy looking outfits.

    As of right now the cash shop is good because there's nothing that will help anyone become a better player. Yes the ghillie suit offers a special mechanic only available through the suit however there is a free in game item that you can get that counters it completely and even if you don't have the "flare" which is the counter item, the player with the ghillie suit isn't going to play any better than a non ghillie suit player.

    As of right now there is nothing about the cash shop that is bad or that makes the game pay to win so there is no reason for concern yet. I don't understand when having a fancy looking outfit became pay to win. How do you all expect the game to make money? If games can no longer sell cosmetic items then what the hell are they going to do? Please do explain.

  25. This game has so much potential, its great but its got some terrible flaw. I hope they do something similar to what happened to mortal kombat. That game had terrible netcote and the online was barelly playable, and for a fighting game thats a nono. Still it sold, but despite that, they reworked the entire netcode and now it works well and is probably the best fighting game out there. Black Desert can be one of the best mmorpg right now, but it needs a rework.

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