December 3, 2021

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Are U.S. Diplomats Under Silent Attack? (Havana Syndrome)

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Dear fellow mystery enthusiasts,
this video is slightly different as we are exploring a mystery in the realm of national security – the strange unexplained incidents known as the Havana Syndrome. This short documentary explains the two possible theories about what’s going on and why are the U.S. diplomats and spies all around the world falling ill with a mysterious disease.

For further reading, I recommend following Adam Entous and his series of articles on this topic in the New Yorker:

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12 thoughts on “Are U.S. Diplomats Under Silent Attack? (Havana Syndrome)

  1. Alternate theory: they are detoxing from chemicals they ingested in the US food and water supply. I just don't see why they'd announce they're clueless except to throw ppl off.

  2. I think it was highly unwise to dismiss the evaluation of James Giordano. If it was due to external factors it most likely was due to electromagnetic waves like he suggested. It would have been interesting to know that did they even do some measurements of EMF levels near the agents? Like I would think inducing those symptoms could be very much possible. Maybe the radiation was low enough not to cause nerve damage and just high enough to cause some damage in the brain due to some mechanism isn't only happens in the brain and not in the nerves.

  3. I think it‘s something trivial, like a maybe a special kind of painting or other material that is mandatory to use and causes these effects. We had a few of once-thought save materials that turned out to be really bad for us, like asbestos.
    Or i wouldn‘t wonder if its some drug that many americans eat like candy …

  4. The attack is to do with pulsed radio frequency. The people affected heard ringing at the time of the attack and found out they had mild to severe brain trauma, it’s hardly mass hysteria .

  5. It wouldn't surprise me if it was some kind of attack. I once read a book about germ warfare. Most of it was about anthrax and botulinum toxin but at one point they described something called Q virus or something. They so colorfully described it like this. "It won't kill you. It'll just make you wish you were dead." Others were meant to confuse the enemy and do all kinds of things. So maybe it is a weapon. Or it could be nothing but a coincidence. Or maybe it's mass hysteria. Who knows?

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