December 3, 2021

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Use For Leg Cramps, and More (Updated)

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Use For Leg Cramps, and More (Updated)

“Some of our astute followers have noticed me slurring my words. I am not drunk but working with Brad, it would be justifiable! I had 6 infected cysts removed from my mouth (noncancerous), and I have residual scar tissue and numbness. I will try to do better. Thanks. Bob”

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Brad and Chris the Pharmacist discuss using Apple Cider Vinegar for leg cramps. This is an updated video.

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0:44 Giveaway
1:42 Leg Cramps
3:02 How Our Interest Started
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29 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar: Use For Leg Cramps, and More (Updated)

  1. Salt in combination with minerals as well as the anti-inflammatory properties of ACV probably does it. Cal-mag-vitamin D supplements have allowed me to be cramp free.

  2. I use vinager pill capsules from Sam's Club and it really helps my legs too. I have a question though. Does one have to be careful about taking their daily prescribed pills and take some time before taking the vinegat? Is it possible that the vinegar would dissolve the other medication in the stomach and make the medication Less effective?

  3. "Some of our astute followers have noticed me slurring my words. I am not drunk but working with Brad, it would be justifiable! I had 6 infected cysts removed from my mouth (noncancerous), and I have residual scar tissue and numbness. I will try to do better. Thanks. Bob"

  4. The problem with all professionals is they think they know more then old fashion remedies. They put book dumb first, which slows down ancient natural cures. Brainwashing. It is a slow indoctrination which is brainwashing.

  5. This is such and interesting subject! Sure am glad to see the Pharmacist Dude has some actual experience with cramp treatments. I'm going on a hunting trip soon and will likely get leg cramps from all the hiking, so I've already raided the pantry and put my stash of ACV in the camp trailer. ;^)

  6. I've used Braggs Apple Cider vinegar for years after horrible cramps that would wake ne from a deep sleep. I use about a tablespoon in a glass of water 2-3times daily.

  7. I've noticed the same effect happens with leg and foot cramps (including big toe) after drinking 1/2 cup 3% homogenized milk. The cramping goes away within a minute. Interesting that it might be brain related – makes sense.

  8. When I was in high school the coach would give you a pack of mustard to swallow it works also But I'm glad to hear about the apple cider vinegar but you didn't tell how much to take and how much garlic and ginger

  9. i m from south asia ….and here when i ask around …very few people complain of leg cramps ..i wonder if that is because of heavy use of GARLIC ginger n lemon in diet

  10. Hey Chris what about trying other sour stuff, like lemon juice or sour candy to see if that does the trick and it is some kind of nerve reaction thing. And, as I think you mentioned just taking in in your mouth, then spiting out….followed by rinsing of course!

  11. After I was diagnosed with HERPES VIRUS  and my Doctor telling me that there is no cure I almost ended up killing myself, it was my girlfriend who encouraged me and help in finding a solution. I didn't know how she got to know about Dr Madida at YouTube that she bought herpes virus herbal medicine from that she encouraged me to try out that it might help me, I did just as she said and firstly they outbreaks sores began to go away and never came back three months later after exhausting the medication long long ago I went for test first and second time and even third time, all result all came out negative and I was totally surprised. I know I must appreciate Dr Madida but my greatest gratitude goes to my friend who stood by me and even helped me find a cure.

  12. I am desperate for relief I am 59 and this is getting worse with age my Mother used to complain of leg cramping all the time bless her soul. It’s getting worse now that I’ve increased my walking also I have chronic pain this on top of it really sucks

  13. I have leg cramps every night about 8-10 times between my back pain and hot flashes I rarely get more than 4 hrs of sleep I recently went to a vein specialist they said it’s probably lack of circulation? And them fixing my Varicose veins it will probably relieve the problem? What say you about this ?? If I am drinking electrolytes every day on a keto diet can I still use the vinegar?

  14. I don't think it's the taste. Look at the body absorption rate of garlic. I think garlic works as a the vehicle to pull it thru the muscle. I rub this directly on the muscle and it works faster. I haven't drank it a couple years.

  15. I've been using Stops Leg & Foot Cramps in About One Minute for 3 years. I would get terrible almost crippling leg cramps in my right inner thigh. Saw 2 docs, a physical therapist and a chiropractor. My doctor told me to try this. I rub about a half a capful and in 20 seconds I'm walking normally. Please try it.

  16. My mother uses salt under her tongue, goes off straight away but since her salt intake is too high i told her to try ACV after watching this video. Hope it works for her

  17. I wouldn't advise taking vinegar if you have ulcers either… super painful! I have noticed when I have to take acid pump inhibitor-type medicine when my ulcer acts up, I get way more leg/foot cramps… I think with less acid in my stomach, it is not allowing me to absorb certain nutrients that depend on acid for absorption, just my theory. But it's a catch 22 because I can't put more acid in my stomach with an ulcer that's trying to heal… heck, even drinking water hurts when that thing acts up!

  18. I couldn't believe Caleb apple cider vinegar would work either, but it does! I've been using it for a year now and I'm so thankful for the relief from cramps.

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