December 3, 2021

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▶2014 mapping series MOVIE!
▪Missed all parts from SEASON 1? Want to know what will be the alternative version of 2010’s in Europe? See all episodes in one 30 minutes long EPIC MOVIE!


▶Programs used:
▪ (to drawing)
▪Windows Movie Maker (to edit)
▪Adobe Animate 2021 (for animation)

🔽🎵Music used🎵🔽
▪Secession Studios – Veil of Shadows
▪Secession Studios – Surrender
▪Superhuman – Vertigo
▪Force of Will – Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski
▪(epic version of) Symphony No.5 – Hidden Citizens
▪The Fall – Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski
▪Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski – Becoming Human
▪Les Friction – Dark Matter (Instrumental)
▪melodysheep – Cascadia

0:00 part 1 – “Beginning of the end”
5:22 part 2 – “Democratic decision”
9:24 part 3 – “My president…”
15:22 part 4 – “We have to go…”
22:07 part 5 – “FINALE”
30:55 outro


25 thoughts on “Alternative Europe: 2014 | THE MOVIE

  1. 🇬🇧▶Season 2 will start idk when.
    ▪Maybe it will start in 1-2 months, maybe in vacations or even further into future. It's becouse of school and fact that I'm 17 – I have a lot of thing to study. This takes too much time, hopefully I'll have more of it in hollidays.

    🇵🇱▶Przepraszam ale musicie sobie przetłumaczyc powyższe info w Tłumaczu Google, może potem uzupelnię przypięty komentarz po Polsku.

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